WITH Okehampton needing a win to secure promotion the game started with Minehead piling the pressure on, which eventually lead to the hosts going a goal down.

Oke struggled to find its formation but with some good defence from man of the match Will Cooper, Reiner Rademaker and John Yells, they weathered the storm.

Eventually some superb work from midfielders Tim Morgan, James Rogers and Rob Yells the game turned and eventually lead to the equaliser from Jake Lloyd which put Okehampton back in the game. With two more goals coming from Reiner and Adam Cockayne the score at half time was 3-1 and Okehampton felt in control.

The second half saw Minehead come back again with another goal but Okehampton worked through this and started to dominated Minehead with another goal from Jake Lloyd. 

With a superb back stick pass from Daan Rademaker saw Stuart Jarvis get the fifth goal before Josh Balsdons work on the left wing saw Jake Lloyd get his hat trick to finish the scoring.