Getting into the spirit of her school trip to Buckland Abbey, is April, wearing the bonnet of the day and admiring the dresses of hundreds of years ago.She is one of the excited youngsters from Horrabridge Primary School who have been stepping back in time to learn about famous people from the past.

Year two (six and seven-year-olds) have been learning about famous faces as part of their history topic  this term. 

They had an interactive day at Buckland Abbey at Buckland Monachorum when they were given a guided tour of the house where explorer Sir Francis Drake lived when he was not off round the world in his ship the Golden Hind. 

However, the most enjoyable part was dressing up in the fashion of the day hundreds of years ago.

Hannah Downing, deputy headteacher, said: ‘Our first famous face was Sir Francis Drake. To help us learn more we had a trip to Buckland Abbey. 

‘The children really enjoyed the day, especially looking at the artefacts and dressing up. 

‘The children took part in a range of activities across the day. We had a guided tour of the inside of the house where we saw the kitchen, Sir Francis Drake’s bedroom and lots of artefacts including a model of the Golden Hind! 

‘The most exciting part of the day was dressing up where we got to dress in clothing just like Sir Francis Drake and his wife.’

The boys had to wear a linen shift, a doublet, a hat, ruff and a cape.  The girls wore a linen shift, dress and headdress.