A BINMAN sent a series of gruesome threats to his ex-partner after inhaling 150 canisters of laughing gas during a massive drugs binge.

Christopher McDonald took a gram of cocaine, smoked a similar amount of cannabis, and washed down the mixture with lager before sending the texts in the early hours. 

He told her he was going to ‘squeeze the life out of her’, ‘do a 25 stretch for her’ and said he ‘wanted her to die a slow and painful death’. 

He sent the texts after their relationship had broken up and he was living in the back of his van in South Devon. Police found him heavily under the influence of drugs and with a pile of sick outside the back doors.

His arrest put him at risk of going to jail because he was on a suspended sentence for driving dangerously during a police chase near Shaldon. 

McDonald, aged 30, from Torquay, admitted sending a malicious communication and breaching a suspended sentence.

Judge Robert Linford deferred sentence for six months at Exeter Crown Court.

He told him he would not go to prison provided he stays out of trouble, keeps his job, and attends all probation appointments.

Mr Paul Grumbar, prosecuting, said McDonald sent the messages to his former partner during the early hours of July 24, 2022. She was so alarmed that she called the police.

They found McDonald in his van near Torquay and seized both phones.

Some of the messages said: 'I want you to die a slow and painful ****ing death.

'I will get rid of you. I’m going to kill you with pleasure.

'I’m going to squeeze the breath out of you.'

 He was arrested with a small amount of cannabis and 4.23 grams of cocaine and told police he sent the texts when he was extremely high, having taken a gram each of cocaine and cannabis, 150 canisters of nitrous oxide, and two bottles of lager.

Mr William Parkhill, defending, said McDonald has stayed out of trouble, stabilised his life, reduced his drug use, and got an agency job as a council recycling worker who hopes to become a full time employee.