A YOUNG lad from Okehampton is doing laps of Simmons Park on his scooter to raise funds for the Okehampton Foodbank — after seeing people queuing up outside for food.

Kian Myerscough, six, has set himself a goal of doing 100 laps of the park on either his scooter, running or walking to raise as much money as possible.

He has already done 30 laps and had £349 pledged on his Facebook fundraising page ‘Kian’s park laps for food’.

Kian’s mum Michaela said: ‘Kian loves his scooter and since lockdown he has taken it on our walk nearly every day. The other day as he was doing laps in the park, an elderly couple walked past and asked if he was doing laps to raise funds. That is how the idea was born.’

‘When we asked Kian what he would like to raise money for there was no doubt in his mind he wanted to help people to get food as he saw people queueing outside our local foodbank the other day. He’s determined to help.’