AN INTERNATIONAL touring band is due to perform exclusively for a small village primary school - a far cry from large venues in the US, France, Italy and Spain.

The three sisters who make up Baskery – a rock trio famous for supporting Robbie Williams on tour – will be appearing at King’s Christian commnity venue, on Pixon Lane, Tavistock, on Sunday, March 17, in aid of Whitchurch Primary. The doors open at 7pm and will include a full bar and raffle.. Tickets cost £10.

All proceeds will go towards providing equipment for the school and extra curricular activities to support the classroom learning.

The reason why the Swedish ‘alternative’ folk/punk/rock group is playing in a venue hidden away on an industrial estate in Tavistock instead of major venues across Europe and the States, including supporting Robbie on his Let Me Entertain You Tour in 2015 is that the drummer is a mother of one of the pupils.

Greta Bondesson, who also plays guitar banjo, guitars, drums and harmonica and joins her sisters in singing, is the proud mother of Clovis, aged five.

Her sisters are Stella Bondesson: double bass, electric bass and Sunniva Bondesson: acoustic/electric guitars and cello.

Greta lives in a non-rock’n’roll style small Whitchurch cottage with her husband Tim (who comes from Tavstock) who she met because Baskery were on tour with Devon folk star Seth Lakeman in 2008 and Tim was selling Seth’s merchandise.

Seth is playing viola on two tracks on Baskery’s latest album V: End of the Bloodline, while his brother is producer. She and Baskery have just returned from a tour of Sweden. She said: “We will be playing the best of Baskery at King’s. We’re looking forward to it because I’m sure the local people will be very supportive. We have previously layed at the Stannary Brewery in Tavistock and at Calstock Arts.

“This is very different to when we supported Robbie Williams on his 15 shows. The audience reception was incredible for us when Robbie came on stage with us to introduce us and we accompanied him.

“But we like small arenas. We have done really well for a small band which is relatively unknown to have played at all the places we have, including Glastonbury. We’re hoping to appear at Glastonbury again this year.”

Greta added: “Clovis goes to Whitchurch School and it is very good. He is only young but is loving school and doing very well. He has toured with me, so he knows what I do when I have to go on tour and leave him behind with his father. I even toured when I was pregnant.

“I’m so happy my sisters have agreed to help the school. It need extra funds to take the chidlren out and about, to the theatre and to travel to places to support their classroom learning.

“Before I had a child I always knew that when I did, that I’d send him or her to Whitchurch School. Not only is it vey good, but it is on the edge of the countryside. I think it is important to stay connected to the countryside. Also Tim went to the same school and he recommended it.” Kirstie Bridgewater, parent and event organiser, said:

“After an idea that was bantered about around 15 months ago, and all the behind the scenes work, we are delighted that this fundraising gig is about to happen. We are so fortunate to have a talented parent at the school, who’s offered up her and her band Baskery’s time to raise some funds for Whitchurch Community Primary School. Baskery are a very busy and well-know band, currently touring in both the UK and Europe. The fact that they are offering their time is very generous.”

To contact the school for tickets or to donate raffle prizes the email is [email protected] Tickets are also available from Sovereign Wines, Rival Records, Stannary Brewery, Whitchurch Inn, Whitchurch Post Office, Whitchurch Primary School.