OKEHAMPTON Medical Centre’s patient participation group (PPG) is putting out a call for more people to get involved in the group to help represent the views of patients.

The PPG is seeking additional members as it moves forward, wanting to encourage a greater membership to more accurately reflect the views and needs of the range of patients and their families and carers in the management of their health.

The group has a new chairman, James Bradley. He has been a member of the PPG since it was formed.

Mr Bradley said: ‘The PPG has a membership of over 70 patients who wish to contribute some of their time and energy in working with Okehampton Medical Centre staff to create the best experience possible, especially when needing social and clinical support.

‘That name typifies what we do and that is to provide a patient perspective in a friendly and constructive way and so improve the overall experience of being a patient and those who are a family member / carer.

‘As that friend, we may at times, provide adverse comment regarding an issue that may not be so readily noticed from a member of staff’s perspective. The PPG discusses those observations and works with the practice to seek a suitable pragmatic solution beneficial to all concerned.

‘The changing face of health and care social delivery means doing things that were once alien to us. Fortunately Okehampton is provided with a Medical Centre with a workforce totally committed to practice patients and a PPG that is perhaps considered to be an exemplar of total engagement and involvement.

‘However we can always do better and for that I, on behalf of the PPG, want you to consider joining us in whatever way you can to help deliver the service at its optimum standard. We will sometimes not reach those goals, however there is ample support from both myself and fellow members, so come and join us on the journey to help you manage your health.’

To find out how you can get involved, email [email protected] or leave your telephone contact details at the medical centre’s reception.