Chagford Res 5 Newton 66 Res 2 THIS win set the seal on the Reserves season. For this first twenty minutes Chagford struggled to raise any momentum against a team that travelled with the bare eleven and had to borrow a linesman! It was down to James Hambly to open the scoring, with a superb right foot shot that curled into the top corner of the visitors? goal. Monk was injured in his vain attempt to save it but went on to make some fine saves throughout the game. Hambly doubled Chagford?s lead with another fine finish before Dale Chadwick was presented with a tap in, just before the break. Chagford failed to get going again early on and paid the penalty by conceeding a goal. Newton 66 appeared to find fresh heart, albeit briefly, and Chris Woof did well to protect his goal. The youngster had been reluctant, earlier in the season, to take the number 1 shirt but has improved steadily since. Hambly (with hat-trick making goal) and Philpott put the result beyond doubt before 66 scored a sublime second at the end. Chagford Res 1 Langdon FC 0 THE youngest player on the park (Dale Chadwick) scored the only goal, in the 42nd minute, shattering Langdon?s hopes of finishing top of the table. Up to the goal, Chagford created only one other chance and were forced to defend resolutely. With three players crying off or, in birthday boy Rob Thorn?s case, arriving late, Chagford had to draft in Mark Williams and Will Hutchison for their third game in three days. With skipper Adrian Harvey and James Hambly as full backs, this defensive line-up was absolutely superb. Just as dominant was the midfield of Chadwick, O?Connor, Potter and Philpott as all of them, at one time or another, packed their defence with extra bodies. Dan Wise and Steve Tolen (another on his third game) toiled endlessly to restrict the Langdon defence from playing football. Thorn took over from Tolen and was probably the most surprised man when he was sent up front. Unfortunately, he was not to emulate ?Jamblo? by scoring a birthday goal! Long before the end, spectators were naming Chris Woof as man of the match, the ?keeper protecting his goal like a man possessed. He earned some luck too as the ball twice found its way to his hands when a goal for the visitors looked inevitable. Even when he was beaten, there was a Chagford body on hand to block or clear the ball. Such was the game when even Chris would admit that all his team-mates should share the accolades.