PRINCETOWN Community Primary School Gardening Club has been rewarded for helping add colour to the village.

Oliver Stephens, school acting head, said: “The children are delighted to receive a donation of £250 from the Princetown Charity Shop. The money was donated in recognition of the work they have done to improve the look of the village with their large planters. Money will be spent on resources for continued gardening projects in the school and wider community.”

Children gained their award after planting large planters on the village green and for distributing to the local community.

Oliver added: “The plans are to continue improving the look of the school. Children are learning about growing their own fruit and vegetables and the importance of that in a world where looking after the environment becomes increasingly critical.”

One of the youngsters, Lucy, said: “I love gardening club and hope I can go all the time that I’m at this school. We put a pond in the school garden and released tadpoles into it.”

The gardening club is run by teaching assistant Beverly Killingbeck, who said: “When the children were told they had been awarded £250 from the charity shop they were thrilled. We are a small school so funds are low, but we like to keep the outside area looking nice. With this money we can now buy things to help us do this.

“First on the list is watering cans as ours have holes in them. From all the gardening club, we would like to thank Princetown Charity Shop for their kindness in giving us this donation.”

The village also stages volunteer community street cleans and keeps the churchyard tidy.