A GRATEFUL daughter has thanked the charity volunteers who are helping boost her father’s morale and supporting to stay in his home.

Michelle O’Boyle’s father William Ashe, 82, of Heathfield, in Tavistock, is paralysed and needs daily nursing support for all of his needs.

Michelle, from Mary Tavy, also visits daily and is very pleased at the progress her father has made in terms of his overall health and wellbeing, despite his long term condition.

Part of her current optimism is down to his carers from Tavy Care who she credits with ‘outstanding care’.

However, the non-physical and social side of his care is also well looked after by Brentor and Moor Compassionate Neighbours, a charity which runs a network of volunteers befrienders who visit people with long-term conditions and life-limiting conditions in their own homes.

The idea is to support people who are living alone in rural areas who are less likely to have social support.

Many have diffculty carrying out carrying out practical tasks, or feel vulnerable living alone and most would like to end their lives at home, rather than in hospital where many spend the last few weeks of their lives, even though they have no medical need.

Michelle, a shop worker in Tavistock and dog sitter, said: ‘I can’t praise Tavy Care highly enough. Their carers are second to none. They are so committed and obviously really care so much and nothing is too much trouble.’

She added: ‘When my dad first had his fall, for a quite a while afterwards his future looked really bleak and and he didn’t have much interest in anything.

‘Having one of the compassionate neighbours since last year has given dad someone different to chat to and it’s made a huge difference. He’s interesting to talk to because he’s done so much in his life and Jane, who visits him, is more than a match for his banter and gives him a good conversation. I’m so thankful to Mark Alderson of the charity for setting it all up for dad.’

The helpful ‘neighbours’ are vetted before being recuited and then matched with clients to ensure they are compatible in terms of interests, background and ability to chat.

Michelle said: ‘Originally, Dad wasn’t interested in having what he thought would be an ‘old lady’ in his home talking about things like knitting. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mark made sure Jane was the right person and he looks forward to her visits. The main benefit is to give him company and allow him to talk and reminisce about his many memories. He’s travelled abroad and has previously run his own businesses. It gives me confidence that he’s ok when I’m not there.’ Brentor and Moor Compassionate Neighbours can be reached on 07776 373140 or by email: [email protected]