Fuel poverty help

Friday 29th April 2022 7:00 pm

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WEst Devon Borough Council has issued information on accessing support for those struggling to pay the bills as fuel prices continue to rise globally.

The borough council has created an online list of support groups which could offer support to West Devon residents, dependent on circumstances.

The list includes both national and local organisations and charities such as Citizens Advice, Age UK, Devon Communities Together and the Tamar Energy Community, which specialises in helping those in fuel poverty.

Information on schemes that could provide support is also provided including the Winter Fuel Payment, Warm Homes Discount Scheme and Cold Weather Payment.

North Tawton Town Council has also provided extra information on ways to reduce energy costs and advice on how to inform energy providers about financial difficulties.

Some suggestions include turning appliances off at the plug rather than leaving them on standby, washing clothes at a lower temperature and using insulation tape to prevent drafts.

North Tawton’s council also reminded struggling families that their energy provider will not suddenly cut off their supply if they are unable to pay. Instead, it suggested getting in touch with the energy supplier as they could help families find different ways to manage the bill payments.

Fuel poverty is officially described as a household with above average energy costs which would be pushed below the poverty line after it paid the bill.

To access the borough council’s fuel poverty support list visit www.westdevon.gov.uk/article/8524/Fuel-Poverty


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