HAVING swum at Keynsham for round two of The National Arena Swimming League division three, Tavistock Swimming Club travelled to Kingswood, Bristol.

There the West Devon team took part in the final round against teams from Barry, Cirencester, Torfaen, Backwell and Clayesmore.

The Tavistock team gained an excellent 16 first places – Emily Attfield (11/U) freestyle, Cameron McGurk (13/U) backstroke and butterfly, Kieran Rookes (13/U) freestyle, Kathryn Stacey (15/U) freestyle and (open) freestyle, Ella Waddington (15/U) breaststroke, Michael Best (open) individual medley and (open) breaststroke, Kirsty Best (open) individual medley, Jason Butler (open) freestyle, Catriona Smith (open) butterfly, Gareth Williams (open) butterfly, girls' (open) freestyle relay team and medley relay team and boys' (open) medley team.

Several swimmers earned personal best times and the club won the gala with 214 points.

* If you are interested in joining Tavistock Swimming Club, please call Sheila Radgick on 01822 618272.