I AM glad Mr Tinto (Times, March 17) is so proud to belong to the club called the European Union, but as my mum always said ‘it takes all sorts’.

In joining this club we found out we’ve been lied to as they are intent on an ever closer union, controlled at the centre, Brussels. This is a club that sacks ‘whistle blowers’, hasn’t had its accounts pass the audit in 20 years and puts people in power unknown by us, not voted for, can’t get rid of. It is the most un-democratic club anyone has ever joined.

We have lost our democracy in so many areas. We had last week our Prime Minister having to beg Jean-Claude Juncker if we could stop charging 5% VAT on tampons — makes you proud doesn’t it?

I notice he didn’t mention immigration. I suppose living in Cornwall he thinks he won’t be affected. Well, I have relatives in Berlin, Bedford, Luton and Bradford and they are all very concerned. But hey-ho, Cornwall will escape any trouble won’t it?

D P Hunter