A DRIVER hit a foal on the top of New Bridge Hill near Poundsgate at about 7.15am on Thursday September 18.

I was the next car to come along the road. I found the foal lying in the road, distressed and trying to get up, due to concussion and the internal injuries inflicted. The more it struggled, the more distress and pain it suffered, causing more injury. I don't suppose the driver considered it could have lain for hours in pain and distress, let along considered its mother that ran to and fro across the road.

Luckily, another gent and myself decided getting to work wasn't more important than the welfare of a foal. We called a vet, who arrived with 40 minutes. Unfortunately the foal had to be put down. At least it was saved a lingering and lonely death. No thanks to the driver! I hope he or she sleeps well!

Kevin Watts