In a letter to staff, the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust (DMAT) has confirmed this week that it has made several alterations to the original staffing restructure proposal.

Following the end of the consultation period into DMAT's controversial staffing restructure suggestion, which has outraged the local community, the trust has said that 'a number of changes and amendments have been made to the original proposal' and admitted that 'it has been necessary and needed to widen our communication to include parents and carers.'

The trust said that it has 'redrawn a balance by achieving additional savings in areas of non-frontline teaching, continuing to reduce the executive level of leadership in place, finding additional efficiencies in central services and maximising income generation where possible.'

Changes to the original proposal include

  • A reduction in the number of teaching assistants and higher level teaching assistants (HLTA) from 83.91 full time equivalent (FTE) to 59.15 FTE. It was originally proposed that the number of teaching assistants and HLTAs be reduced to 42 FTE.
  • An increase in the number of teaching and leadership staff by 1.59 FTE. Under the original proposal there was to be a 0.27 FTE reduction in the number of teaching and leadership staff.
  • A reduction in the number of technicians by 1.70 FTE. The remaining technicians will be given additional duties such as covering science and food technology lessons when needed. The original proposal would have seen a reduction of 7.79 FTE.
  • Teaching assistant support will be given to children in mixed age classes (Years 3-6) in the morning. Previously, DMAT proposed that all teaching assistants working in Key Stage 2 classes be removed. Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) - a plan for young people under 25 in education who need additional support to that provided by the school - will be allocated to SEND children on a pupil-by-pupil basis.

DMAT has also revealed to staff that it has secured a new energy contract which will start in October this year and save the trust nearly £1 million.

However, DMAT has emphasised that the restructuring is an HR and employment process and is not holding a general public consultation.