A SERIAL sex offender from Tavistock exposed himself in the centre of Plymouth by wearing trousers with peep-holes cut into their front and back.

Shane Turner walked past shoppers with everything on show through the gaps in his specially adapted trousers.

The 51-year-old had been to the probation meeting as part of a suspended jail sentence for stalking a psychologist who had tried to treat his bizarre sexual behaviour.

CCTV showed him cycling around the city centre and police were alerted and spotted that there was a large cut or rip in his trousers.

He had a history of exposing himself and has been jailed in the past for stalking. He was meeting probation earlier this year because he was being supervised under a suspended sentence for breaking a restraining order.

He was also subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order which banned him from wearing clothing that were designed or adapted to show his private parts.

Turner admitted two charges of breaching the Sexual Harm Prevention Order and was jailed for 13 months at Plymouth Crown Court.

He has also been convicted of outraging public decency in 2006 after he exposed himself to lone women at night in Exeter, once by a graveyard.

And since then been in court for driving a car while naked. He was also seen driving around with an inflatable doll in his car but was not charged with any offence.

A defence advocate said Turner’s offending stemmed from his severe autism and issues of poor mental health.