KEY Stage Two children at Gunnislake Primary School have been looking at life during the second world war including the evacuation of the children from the cities.

As part of this the children were evacuated to Calstock Primary School. The parents and carers came to wave them off at the station and the children sang them some wartime songs. Each child had made a gas mask and box which they wore round their neck and carried a suitcase with the belongings they were allowed to take with them.

The children of Calstock were all in character — some took the parts of the billeting officer and the 'nit nurse' who checked the children.

Other children played the part of the host families and were allocated their evacuees. The 'host families' gave them a welcoming gift.

They spent some time in the school room with the 'class teacher' and joined in the day's lessons from that period. After break the host families helped them write letters home.

After lunch the host families waved the children off as they took the train back to Gunnislake.

The parents and children learnt a lot about the impact of the separation caused by world war two evacuations.