A DETERMINED and fed up councillor is calling for Callington’s residents to support the town in its ‘fight back’ from faltering to flourishing.

From shopping locally to attending and supporting community events, Cornwall and Callington Councillor Andrew Long is appealing for the town’s residents to take action to support the town and help in the push to restore the town’s vitality and promote its positive attributes. 

The “call to arms” by the councillor comes off the back of fears of the town being at risk of becoming a ghost town following the introduction of car parking charges and the closure of the town’s businesses and banks, with the last bank set to close this month. 

Cllr Long said: “It is fair to say that the town centre is under threat like never before at the present time.

“However, whilst there is much negative publicity around, some people are fighting back and looking to how we can adapt and survive as a town.”

Cllr Long explained that although himself and the town council, along with MP Sheryll Murray were striving to help the town adapt and survive, they couldn’t do it without backing from the community.

“Whether it’s car park charges, the closure of banks, or the rise in internet shopping, the traditional High Street shopping experience has changed. Our town is not alone in this and many towns across Cornwall and the UK are under the cosh and struggling to survive.

“Whilst we in the council are fighting back on the process front, we need peeople to take action to support our town such as attending local events and markets and supporting the businesses that support our town.

“It’s very easy to be negative. We need to be positive and think about how good it is to live in Callington if we want our town to thrive. The only way it’s going to survive in the long term is to take action.

“We need people to use their pounds and pennies in the local shops.

“Whether its the weekly country market, the monthly Sunday market, or the 65 clubs and organisations that bring life to our community, there are people who care about our town and the people in it. Life is about choices and we can all make some that will directly support our community.

“It’s important that we all as a community take a stand.”

Cllr Long wishes to see the community focus on the positives of the town and celebrate what Callington offers its community, and is calling on residents to support their community and its local businesses. He also explained that there is movement to restart a business group for the town who will “provide a link so businesses can have one voice.”

“It’s in the early stages”, he said.

“But there are two or three business people behind the idea. I’ll be working with them over the coming months.”

Cllr Long highlighted that himself and the town council are trying to get answers about car parking charges and working with MP Sheryll Murray to hopefully bring a community banking hub to the town, but there are changes locals can make to their own habitats to help the town flourish.

Adding, “It’s not somebody else’s problem, it’s our problem. Together we can make a difference. We can all make a positive change that can bring rich rewards for our town.”