ALLOTMENTS together with community gardens could soon be on the cards for Mary Tavy thanks to hard work from three organisations.

After receiving requests from the public, Mary Tavy Parish Council is in the process of establishing the highly sought after allotments and is working closely with Mary Tavy Community Allotment Garden Association and the trustees of Mary Tavy Victory Memorial Recreation Ground.

Members of the association wrote individually to the parish council requesting under the Allotments Act of 1908 that councillors provide allotments in the village. Councillors agreed to adopt the project and brought the association and trustees of the recreation ground together. Following a formal proposal from the association, the trustees voted by a majority to agree in principle to allow the siting of the allotments at the southern end of recreation ground, which was donated to the community.

Secretary of the association John Bright said the site will cover almost one acre, which will be given over to community allotments and smaller raised beds: ‘The purpose of the project is to enjoy the outdoors whilst improving their health and the sustainability of our community.

‘An allotment brings great benefits along with the work needed to manage it properly. As well as incredibly tasty home grown produce, allotment keeping brings a healthier lifestyle, fresh air and the camaraderie of like-minded people.

‘As well as the many benefits, keeping an allotment brings to the individual, allotment sites are recognised as community assets because they improve the local environment and reduce food miles to food metres.

‘Our site will be accessible to all throughout the year and will offer a range of activities aimed particularly at the novice gardener and those wanting to improve their existing skills or interests.

‘We hope to be able to provide a variety of spaces from small raised beds to larger allotments — in our plan there is also space for visitors to relax, talk and watch others gardening.’

Negotiations between the association and the trustees on precisely how the site should be managed are continuing. Once an agreement has been reached, trustees will hold a public meeting to inform the wider community.