A walker with a suspected broken ankle has been airlifted off Dartmoor after help by Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Tavistock (DSRT).

DSRT Tavistock was called at 12:20pm on Saturday (April 23) assist the 74-year-old walker who had sustained a suspected fracture of her ankle to the north of Whiteworks.

Two team members were taken by Land Rover from near Peat Cot to the end of the track by Whiteworks and quickly deployed in heavy rain to locate the casualty and provide shelter and assistance.

As they neared the casualty site, within 30 minutes from the callout, they reported that a Devon Air Ambulance had already landed and confirmed that the casualty was on the opposite side of the Strane River to the aircraft.

Several of the members assisted the aircrew in getting the casualty, who was already placed on a stretcher, across the river and carried her 100 metres to the helicopter. They assisted with loading her into the aircraft for evacuation to hospital.

Remaining members were stood down and all returned to the agreed meeting point by 1.40pm. Her injury was confirmed to be an open fracture.