ALMOST 25,000 speeding fines have been issued by speed cameras in Devon and Cornwall since the start of 2016, with one driver caught driving at an eye-watering 136mph.

The figures, revealed in a Freedom of Information Request to Devon and Cornwall Police, show that on average 800 fixed penalty offences are issued a month and that there have been 23,485 fines issued in the last two and a half years.

But the true picture of speeding in the counties is expected to be higher as the numbers provided do not include drivers referred for Speed Awareness Courses or cases referred directly to court.

The information also reveals that the speed camera on the A386 Alma Road in Plymouth is nearly twice as active as any other in the two counties and that the highest speed recorded by a camera was 136mph.

The highest recorded speed in 2016 was at the static camera on the A30 Eastbound at Fingle Glen, Tedburn St Mary, Devon, where a driver was caught doing 130mph.

In 2017, a driver was caught doing 136mph by a mobile camera on the A38 Deep Lane, Marsh Mills, Devon.

The highest recorded speed so far in 2018 was 121mph on the A30 carriageway, Woodleigh, Cheriton Bishop.

The most active speed camera – on the A386 Alma Road in Plymouth – caught 7,555 people exceeding the 30mph speed limit in 2017. This was followed by the cameraon the A385 Ashburton Road in Totnes, with 3,678 activations, while the camera on the A30 at Victoria in Cornwall was activated 2,740 times. Up until May in 2018, the camera on Alma Road has been activated 2,230 times, with the camera on the A38 Deep Lane (westbound) activated 1,374 times, and the camera on the A385 Ashburton Road in Totnes activated 1,006 times.