A LUNCH club that has been running for nearly 30 years could be at risk of folding if a new cook is not found.

Harrowbarrow & Metherell Luncheon Club which has been serving meals and providing a social lifeline to local residents since 1996 may have to stop as its only cook, Ruth Wilton, retires.

The Luncheon Club held in Harrowbarrow & Metherell Hall on a monthly basis involves residents enjoying a three-course meal as well as tea, coffee and activities from raffles to puzzle swaps.

The club was set up shortly after the Village Hall opened and since then many local residents have become members, with meals prepared by a willing group of volunteers led by cooks with catering experience. Howver, this could come to an end if no one steps in to take over the position of cook.

Jenny Snuggs, treasurer of the Luncheon Club said: “Our cook who has been in charge is retiring in December and we don’t have anybody to take over.

“Since Covid we have been operating once a month only as we have just one suitably qualified volunteer cook.

“We have tried to recruit new staff but without success.”

Jenny explained that around 36 people attend the lunch club and for those that attend, the monthly event can be a vital social occasion for local residents.

“The members of the Luncheon Club are very disappointed to think it’s closing,” said Jenny.

“For some people it’s their main event of the month. It’s an occasion to socialise and enjoy having some company.”

Jenny hopes that the club which relies on volunteer helpers could continue if a suitable cook is found.

“I’m still hopeful I may find somebody,” she said.