Heather Fell, Olympic silver medallist, writes about her life in the media and sports world.

IF you can cast your mind back two weeks I mentioned monopolising the home advantage — Exeter Chiefs certainly did just that.

What a performance by the Devon rugby side in the Premiership semi final last Saturday and that hard fought victory has earned them a thoroughly deserved place in the final at Twickenham. After trying every lead I eventually got my hands on a pair of tickets for that sell out game against Wasps - the speed in which the tickets went just proves the level of support Chiefs now have behind them.

I am usually a fair weather girl. I would not choose to do sport in light drizzle let alone stand and watch 80 minutes of sport with torrential rain lashing at my face but last week was an exception. My friend and I hardly noticed the weather as the excitement of such a close and vitally important match kept us in suspense until the 79th minute. I am sure the challenging conditions of a muddy pitch, slippery wet ball and a typically strong crosswind all added to the home advantage but it was the sheer determination from both the supporters and players that secured victory. The game was still either team’s to win until the final few minutes and the suspense was almost unbearable.

So after just six years in Premiership Rugby Exeter Chiefs are off to the final at Twickenham this weekend coming. Frustratingly I will have to support from afar as work has taken me east to Russia for the Pentathlon World Championships. 

Chiefs are not the only Westcountry  team hoping for a perfect end to their season in the capital over the bank holiday weekend as Plymouth Argyle have made it to the play off final where a victory will move them up a league. Devon sport is certainly doing something right, I just hope we can have one more golden weekend.