Heather Fell, Olympic silver medallist, writes about her life in the media and sports world.

I am ready for a holiday. This Christmas at home in Devon has lived up to my expectations and even exceeded them; as a result I think I need some time to recover from all the excitement and social activity.

The action packed week has helped me to realise just how many people I must have missed whilst spending last Christmas abroad. I have managed drinks, suppers, and walks with friends who are back from Dubai, Vancouver, Edinburgh, the Hague and even those in England that I rarely see.

I am one of those fortunate people that has not needed to work over the festive period; instead my diary has been carefully managed to optimise every single minute with a social activity. One afternoon in Exeter would be the prime example. My friend and I perfected the art of the social butterfly as we attended three parties between 5pm and midnight — I must admit I was not the driver that evening.

Christmas day itself was no exception. My boyfriend and I strategically squeezed in three separate Christmases and therefore three sets of present opening and eating. The morning began at home, with my parents, opening stockings and presents over breakfast, before loading the car with more gifts to take up to my boyfriend’s family near Exeter. After plenty more festivities there we then drove west to Cornwall for the main event hosted by my sister. It was a fun yet incredibly full day that I would not have changed.

The next day I headed back up the road to Sandy Park for my first ever Boxing day rugby match. A sell out crowd during the Christmas period was the perfect recipe for an incredible atmosphere. The Exeter Chiefs delivered the goods and put the icing on the cake for all of the home supporters as they delivered a nail biting win over visitors Sale Sharks. The Chiefs now remain second in the table as we head into what promises to be an exciting 2016.