THE COLUMBINES’ fixture away at Caradon got off to a shaky start as the experienced Cornish side piled on immediate pressure.

The resulting strike was ably saved by keeper Ella Kaye, and relaxing into the game, Oke defenders Nicky Pedrick and Carol Taylor blocked numerous Caradon efforts. Fellow Oke defender Helen Dalton switched defensive moves into attacks with speedy forward Emma Wiseman but it was a short reprieve as with Oke under constant pressure another Caradon penalty resulted in a goal for the home side. Fired up, Oke went into action, with midfielders Lucy Wiseman and Elly Jenkins linking up beautifully to drive the ball into the opposition D. Excellent support play from Nicky Strawbridge resulted in a triumphant goal being fired into the back of the net.  

Oke were unable to capitalise on any more opportunities, unlike Caradon who found their mark through various penalty corner and outfield plays, resulting in a score of 6-1 at the break.

A team talk from captain Laura Parsons kept the Oke morale up and they continued to fight, with Sophie Whiteley linking with Lesley Bingham to trouble the Caradon defence. A late flurry of strikes from Kim McGrattan could not increase the Oke reply with the final score at 7-1. Oke can be proud of their fighting spirit conceding only one goal in the second half against a well-drilled side.