WEST Devon A took a big leap past Con B and into second spot with a 5 – 0 win over Con C.

The large crowd could be forgiven for thinking that Jack May had joined WD A team as it took Morris the best part of an hour to defeat Con's Hoare.

Jago put up a valiant show against WD's star man Rich but in the end Rich (28) took the frame, but not before Jago had scored 43pts.

West Devon's 'back up man' Lawrence took advantage of the lack of safety play from Roffey to put his team three up. The only difference between Con's Neale and Taylor, in a close battle, was Taylor's ability to put the key balls to bed at the end of the frame to sneak it.

Heathman won the match with Con's Wilkinson only managing three points in a one-sided frame. West Devon is now second in the league.

Fred Hodge mastered the endurance game to outlast May in his frame to put West Devon C one up against West Devon D.

Barry Williams (20) found a winning formula at last to post his first win of the season over WD D's new boy Murton, leaving it to the black ball for best effect. A come-back for the D team started with 'master cue man' Decieco quietly going about his business again with another scalp to add to his increasing tally this season, as he topped Shrimpton (senior), in a close one.

Next was the shock of the night as Pinkney suffered only his second set back of the season as the D teams shoulders shook off a dismal run of results to take this prize win, and his first of the season. With the scores level it was down to the D team's 'Captain Fantastic' Elliott to battle it out with Shrimpton (junior) to take the spoils.

Grabbing the opportunity with both hands, Elliott rose supreme to take the black ball and the match for his team from the grasp of Shrimpton (junior).