A new study has revealed that the kitchen is the most expensive room in a house - costing more than £200 in bills each year. 

Penfold, a workplace pension provider, has estimated the monthly energy consumption of appliances in every room of a house, and the cost of the energy used. 

The data showed that the kitchen is the most expensive room in the house, costing an average of £205, due to large appliances such as refrigerators and ovens. 

According to Uswitch.com, a typical fridge in the UK consumes around 166 kWh of electricity per year, which costs approximately £53 a year, while electric ovens are thought to cost approximately £50 in energy consumption each year. 

Microwaves come in at a lower cost, with numbers from the Energy Saving Trust showing that it would cost £30 to use a microwave every day in a year.  

For those who keep a dishwasher in the kitchen, this can be a big consumer of energy, costing up to £72 per year. 

The study also noted the cost of ‘energy vampires’ - appliances that consume energy even when not being used. 

The biggest ‘vampire’ is a tumble dryer, which can cost up to £49.80 per month, followed by air conditioners and dishwashers, which can cost up to £29.88 and £11.97 per month respectively. 

Pete Hykin, CEO and Co-Founder at Penfold, commented: “It's not enough to diligently manage our mortgage payments and utility bills. 

“We must delve deeper and uncover the silent financial culprits that quietly chip away at our budgets, leaving us wondering where our hard-earned money went.

“The implications of these hidden costs are significant, both for individual households and for the environment. Take energy vampires, for example. These culprits consume electricity even when our devices are turned off, accounting for up to 16 per cent of a household's electricity usage in the UK. 

“By addressing this issue, we not only reduce our energy bills but also contribute to a more sustainable future by lowering unnecessary strain on power grids and decreasing carbon emissions.”