A Devon property survey has revealed what residents are looking for in a new home - with nearly three quarters saying that they would not live somewhere that didn’t have a garden.

The Tindle Property Survey asked more than 300 people across the UK and the Isle of Man what factors would be most important to them when buying a new home.

One of the most sought-after elements of a new home for Devon respondents was a garden, with 71.7 per cent saying that a garden was very important to them and that they "would not live somewhere that didn't have a garden".

Most of the respondents in Devon (73.6 per cent) said that they would prefer to buy a detached home, while 7.6 per cent would prefer a semi-detached house and 3.8 per cent would prefer to buy a flat or apartment, while no respondents said that their ideal house would be terraced.

More than half (50.9 per cent) said their ideal home would have three bedrooms, 30.2 per cent would like four or more bedrooms, and 16.9 per cent would want two bedrooms.

Talking about location, no respondents said they would rather live near a city, while 50.9 per cent would prefer to live near the countryside, and 30.2 per cent would want to live near the coast or a beach, while just 13.2 per cent would prefer a suburban or residential area.

The most important factors for those considering buying a house were price (83.01 per cent) and parking availability (62.3 per cent).

Close behind was neighbourhood reputation, which was important to 52.8 per cent of respondents, the number of bedrooms in the property (49.1 per cent) and energy efficiency (45.3 per cent).

Other factors mentioned were public transportation (33.9 per cent), distance from the town centre (32.1 per cent), space to entertain guests (26.4 per cent), distance from a workplace (22.6 per cent), distance from the school (15.1 per cent), step-free accessibility (11.3 per cent).

Looking at parking in particular, 66 per cent say that they would need a driveway or off-street parking, while no respondents said that they didn’t need any parking.

Julie Hill of Devon estate agents The Coastal House commented: “The results from this survey definitely back up what our current home buyers are looking for when buying a property and there has undoubtedly been a shift in our buyer’s preferences over the last few years in South Devon.

“During the pandemic there was a move to more rural areas but now buyers want to be closer to their workplaces, friends, and local amenities.

“They do however want to be within easy reach to the coast and countryside. Access to good parking is always popular with our buyers with quality outdoor space coming a very close second.

“Aside from the environmental impact of using excessive fuel, the financial cost of energy is at the top of everyone’s mind at the moment and most of our buyers are keen to know how efficient the property is.

“When people are looking to buy a home in Devon there are other factors that also come into play. Rivers and beaches bring to mind good times, exercise, and incredible views.

“Most people find waterfront properties irresistible, and the price is often a factor in their decision-making process.

“Whilst the huge property price growth we have had in prime coastal and rural areas after a race for space in the pandemic is beginning to cool, the lack of stock remains an issue and is continuing to hold up prices in coastal locations.”