AN attempt to secure Hatherleigh a place in the Guinness Book of Records is being staged as part of efforts to save Hatherleigh Market.

Town auctioneer Philip Pyle will be conducting a super speedy auction of lots donated by supporters at Hatherleigh Market on Tuesday, February 12.

He will start wielding his gavel at 10am for the record-breaking attempt to auction the most lots ever in 24 hours.

He said: ‘This is a bit of a return home for me, as I used to be the auctioneer in the market in its heyday, 45 years ago.

‘We normally auction 150 lots an hour, but I think we are capable of doing 200 lots an hour, so people will have to be prepared to bid quick!’ he said.

With the current total of donations standing at 1,000 lots he said he did not expect to be there all day – although more lots are always welcome to prove him wrong!

The fundraiser is being staged in aid of the Hatherleigh Market Community Interest Company (CIC), which is trying to raise more than £2 million to buy back the market from current owners, property developer Kingswood Homes.

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