A PRISONER from Chudleigh who was serving a sentence for two hate crimes has admitted carrying out a racist attack on a black inmate at Exeter Prison.

Alexander Gray is facing further jail time after he carried out the attack on inmate Shane Ricketts on April 26 last year.

Gray, aged 31, of Fore Street, Chudleigh, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault causing grievous bodily harm when he appeared by video link from Bullingdon Prison in Oxfordshire.

Judge Neil Davey, QC, adjourned the case at Exeter Crown Court for a sentencing hearing next week at which Gray will receive an additional prison sentence.

Mr William Parkhill, defending, said he is not applying for a pre-sentence report which may suggest an alternative to immediate custody.

Gray is a notorious racist, having been jailed in 2021 for four offences of inciting racial hatred and one of a racially aggravated attack on a man who had a black girlfriend.

He founded his own race hate vlog entitled Whiteness in the West Country on the social media site Telegram.

He was described in that case as ‘the epitome of a racist thug’ by the judge who had watched videos in which Gray gave Heil Hitler salutes and boasted of trying to spark a race war.

He was prosecuted after officers from the South West counter terrorism team identified him as the creator of the channel, which hosted three to six minute long videos which he recorded on his phone. 

He repeatedly used the N word, glorified Hitler and claimed society was being taken over by blacks, feminists and lesbians.

He urged white people to ‘wake up’ and ‘stand up’ and ended his rants with a Nazi salute or shouts of ‘Heil Victory’ and ‘White Power’.

In one video he spoke about Torbay being one of the only places in Britain where you can see white women with white children and said he hated racial mixing and thought women with black boyfriends were ‘scummy whores’.

He told his followers that if they didn’t act, they would be ‘digging their children’s graves, saying ‘don’t forget, these people are savages’.