Stu Henderson Tavistock AFC manager said: ‘ I think the World Cup is a good thing for everyone. The World Cup tends to appeal to people whether or not they are into football specifically or sport in general. It doesn’t matter if you are into sport at all, it tends to bring people together and gives us all a sense of togetherness. If either England or Wales do well it gives both countries a feel good factor.

Mike Trebilcock, former Tavistock, Plymouth and Everton player, most famous for scoring twice for Everton in the 1966 FA Cup final and thereby becoming the first black origin player to score in an FA Cup final, hailed the World Cup as the greatest show on earth.

He said: ‘I’m always down at Tavistock for the homes games. I’m looking forward to the World Cup - football is the best sport in the world and the World Cup is a showcase for the best of the players today.’