Residents of the Leg O’Mutton in Yelverton are calling for answers after a spate of recent attacks which have seen multiple cars vandalised with slashed tyres.

Three cars have reportedly had their tyres slashed on Buckland Terrace, which runs in parallel with Tavistock Road, in the past three weeks — with the perpetrator(s) still unidentified.

Rachel Tyler, a resident of the terrace, discovered two of the tyres on her son’s car had been slashed at the side last Tuesday, which she estimates to have happened between then and Easter Sunday, when the car was last used.

Rachel said: ‘We discovered the tyres on my son’s car which were closest to the road flat on the ground when we returned home. There were inch long stab marks through them both. I immediately asked around but unfortunately no one saw anything and there is no CCTV footage. I have also taken to social media for help.

‘He parks his car on the other side of the road next to the grass verge opposite where we live. It’s always parked perfectly legally. He’s had his car since December and uses it to get to school and work.’

Two weeks prior to this incident (the weekend of March 25 and 26), two cars at the Leg O’Mutton Garage also had their tyres slashed. Garage owner Ray Shaw confirmed that all four tyres were targeted on one vehicle and two on the other. He has now ordered CCTV for his premises.

Rachel reported the incident on 101, then filling out an online form in which she also detailed what had happened to the cars Ray was in possession of.

Rachel said: ‘I literally have no idea at all who would do this — there was speculation about it being people engaging in anti-social behaviour at Harrowbeer. I’ve been a resident of Yelverton for some time and this is a safe area, these incidents however are very disappointing and concerning.’