Tavistock Lions Club members, John Dawson and Ken Shield will be joining a convoy of around 10 vehicles taking much needed aid to Warsaw in Poland for onward transport into Ukraine.

This is the ninth such trip organised by Callington based taxi driver Darren Tait who has recently become a member of Callington Lions Club.

It’s estimated that around 200 tons of much needed goods have already been taken across Europe by Darren’s team travelling through France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and finally into Poland.

The next convoy will leave the area on Thursday, February 2 and the Lions will be travelling in a van kindly supplied by Sovereign Wines of Tavistock.

The club’s task now is to fill the van with items required in Ukraine and although there is great need for medical supplies such as paracetamol, anti-inflammatories and antiseptic cream, there is an extensive list of items that are needed such as food, clothes and baby products and this can be found at https://sendinglovetoukraine.org.

 There are three collection points for donations in Tavistock: Shields DIY on Vigo Bridge, Sovereign Wines at the top end of the Plymouth Road Industrial Estate as well as estate agents View in Paddons Row.

The departure date is only around three weeks away, so donations are needed as soon as possible as they will have to be sorted and packed before leaving.

There is obviously a cost involved in travelling to and from Warsaw such as fuel and overnight accommodation on the five-day round trip so anyone wishing to make a financial contribution can do so by BACS to the Lions Club of Tavistock, account number: 61102427 and sort code 40-44-05.

Paul Blowey, president of the Lions Club said that he was extremely proud that John and Ken were taking on this humanitarian journey and that all the club members wished them well for a safe journey there and back.

For further information contact Ken Shield on 07887 875813 or visit the Lions’ Facebook page or call 03458 334807.