Tavistock group set up to support single parents

Saturday 15th August 2020 2:00 pm
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TWO friends from the Tavistock area have set up a group with the sole aim of supporting single parents.

Helen Rogers, from Crapstone, and Kelli Brookes, from Tavistock, created ‘Tavi Lone Parents’ on Facebook last week and it instantly received a positive response from the local community.

The aim of the group is to provide opportunities for both mums and dads, who parent alone most or all of the time, to connect with people in the same situation, for fun and support, primarily through socialising.

Both Kelli and Helen are good friends, sharing the fact that they are both single mums of one boy, who also happen to be best friends and attend the same school in the local area.

Helen said: ‘From my own experience, I understand that parenting alone can be a lonely place, with a unique set of challenges. If you have suddenly found yourself in this situation it can be a pretty isolating place and the adjustment takes time.

‘I decided to start this group so that together with others in the same boat, we can get out and do stuff, live life, have friends, go places and enjoy our time with our children.

‘We asked for people’s thoughts regarding setting up this group and we had a really positive response. I took the idea forward and set up the group on Sunday and by Friday we had 36 members.’

Helen added: ‘One of the main points of the group is to be really positive and upbeat for parents that want to get the most of their time that they spend with their children.

‘So if you’re the type of parent who wants to get the most out of life, have a few adventures with and without the kids but you could just do with a few extra buddies to help open those doors – this is the place for you!

‘We’re hoping that over time this group will evolve into something which is of a genuine benefit to all its members, so we envisage that the group will take shape based on the wants and needs of those who join.’

Kelli added: ‘I consider myself very lucky and understand that not all single parents have a unified relationship like the one I have with my ex and that some people parent alone, often with more than one child.

‘Having said that, being a single parent does present unique challenges that you have to deal with without the aid of a partner, especially when a quick decision is required.’

To get involved in the group, visit its Facebook page ‘Tavi Lone Parents’ and click to join.

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