I WAS interested to read (Okehampton Times, June 27) that headteachers, governors and parents throughout West Devon are going to campaign for the government to give the county of Devon more money for education.

Perhaps you should send them a copy of the Times and point them to the article by David Challis of UKIP in the Trago Mills advert. There they would read that due to EU diktat the county council will be abolished and along with other county councils will become part of the South West Region of the EU. That is why the government is allowing the county councils to wither away by depriving them of finance.

British people are outraged that the government is planning to hand Gibraltar to Spain. The Government denies it, but the EU maps show Gibraltar to be part of Spain. Not only that, but the Channel Islands are on the EU maps as part of France.

David Challis ends his article by saying, 'Our politicians must have lost their minds'. But it is we, the electorate, who have lost our minds.

Why is it only the fringe parties which expose government lies and EU plans to destroy the UK by dividing us up into regions and then turning each region against each other in order to give Brussels more power?

Where do our MP and the parliamentary candidates of other parties stand on this?

It seems to me that it is only the UKIP (I am not a member) and a new party political organisation called 'The campaign for an English Parliament, who are standing up for a free and independent Britain.

Local democracy cannot be had by surrendering our independence to Brussels. If the public do not wake up and take action now, Britons will soon be slaves.

J W Reid

Limehayes Road, Okehampton