Festivities were in full swing at Delaware Primary School on Friday as Calstock Parish councillors presented children at the school with a special mug to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Presented by executive headteacher Lynn Cox, County Councillor Dorothy Kirk and parish councillors Jim Wakem and Terry Letchford, the school’s 187 children each received their mug, sporting the Platinum Jubilee logo and the parish couuncil logo.

The presentation was a sentimental affair for Cllr Wakem, who received a special mug for the Queen’s Coronation in 1953. He said: ‘It’s great to be at the school to present these mugs to the children of the parish today. We hope they hold on to their mugs for many years to come and one day pass it on to their children or grandchildren.’

Throughout the morning, children were learning about the monarchy and the jubilee in history lessons and were creating special crowns in all shapes and styles for a best crown competition later in the day. Artwork created with a jubilee theme in the style of David Hockney is being entered into a Gunnislake art festival and exhibition this year.

The afternoon saw a picnic on the school field with friends and families where pupils sung songs in honour of the jubilee.