SPEEDING motorists were faced with tough questioning from a group of ten-year-olds on Tuesday in Callington's Liskeard Road as part of the School Speedwatch campaign.

In an ongoing initiative to drive down speeds at this Callington hotspot, police and Year 6 children from Callington Primary School spent two hours speed monitoring and stopping motorists driving over the 30mph limit.

Drivers were offered the option of paying a £60 fixed fine and three points on their licence or a grilling from the children.

Tough questions posed to motorists included: 'What was so important that you could have killed me or my friends?'

Callington police officer Julian Collison said School Speedwatch, which was introduced a couple of years ago, had been very effective in getting the message over to the public.

'The last one we had was at Delaware Primary School but this is the first time in Liskeard Road where we have had numerous complaints from residents about speeding,' he said.

'At one time a police superintendent was stopped and a doctor and they said they found the whole experience quite humbling and very impactive.

'It is powerful because many people who are stopped have kids or grand-kids of that age and it brings the message home that speed kills.'

Callington Primary School teacher Hayley Young said the junior road safety officers at the school were really keen to get involved in Speedwatch to engage with the community as well as help with road safety.

A group was also based at the school, learning about stopping distances.

'Hopefully, this message will stay with them when they grow up and become motorists themselves,' said Hayley.

During the school Speedwatch session, 14 cars out of the 60 that were recorded along Liskeard Road, were stopped for being above the speed limit, the highest being 42mph. All the drivers accepted a 'grilling' from the children rather than a fine.

LEFT:Callington Primary School children join forces with police officers to monitor speeding in Liskeard Road, Callington, on Tuesday.

Picture by James Bird