RESIDENTS have claimed victory after a dispute with Devon County Council over parking fines incurred during Tavistock Goose Fair.

Twenty residents of Chapel Street, including an 89-year-old disabled woman, were furious to have been ticketed by traffic wardens during the fair two weeks ago (October 11).

They assumed, like other streets coming under the temporary parking restrictions, that they would be exempt from fines because they lived on the road.

They decided to fight the unexpected fines and provided proof to the county council (DCC) to back up their claim that Chapel Street was indeeed designated residents-only parking for the duration of the annual event.

The protesters were told on Monday (October 23) they had been right, the council had made a mistake in its wording of the temporary restriction which meant it was open to misinterpretation.

A letter sent to residents from DCC said: “We have now verified that there was an issue with the wording in the TRO (temporary regulation order) as it applied to Chapel Street and the plan was open to interpretation.

“We’ve this morning taken the necessary steps to cancel the remaining open PCNs issued.

“Anyone who has paid their PCN (penalty charge notice) will be refunded any money paid, those who challenged have already been replied to and informed their PCN has been cancelled, any remaining open cases have been closed to prevent the recipient either paying when they don’t need to, or investing additional time in challenging their PCN.”

Residents are advised that refunds may take up to ten working days to be received.

County councillor Debo Sellis has been thanked for ‘getting on the case and swiflty chasing it up with the relevant parties’ as have a few residents for their hard work in uncovering the regulations.

Right, Goose Fair.