An anti pollution event taking place in Calstock this weekend will see the public gather together to demand clean water in the River Tamar. It follows Calstock Parish Council's bid for Bathing Water Status being turned down by Defra.

The River Tamar Anti Pollution Alliance has called for a public meeting at Calstock waterside on Saturday March 18 at 11.30am inviting people to come and see how citizens can become empowered, demand clean water and help nature recover. At the event there will be speakers from the Beavers Trust and the West Country Rivers Trust.

Calstock Parish Council said it was informed at the end of last week that its bid to obtain Bathing Water Status for the Tamar at Calstock had been turned down.

The parish council said: 'The parish council remains committed to do everything we can to make the Tamar, the seventh most polluted river in England, safe for the many people who use it.'

Defra is being contacted for a response.