Princetown Primary School celebrating vibrant new library space

By Zoë Uglow   |   Reporter   |
Thursday 5th May 2016 10:13 am
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STAFF and pupils at Princetown Primary School are delighted with their new weird and wonderful library space, which takes children on a journey from Harry Potter’s ‘Hogwarts’ all the way to Vixen Tor!

Teachers in Princetown were looking at alternative ways to inspire children and redecorate their learning spaces. Now, with help from a design manager from London, art students from Plymouth College and local volunteers armed with paintbrushes, the school has been transformed.

Acting head teacher Nathan Kemp said he was really happy with how the project went.

He added: ‘Not a lot of work has been done on the school to make it inspiring for the children. We have been trying to think outside the box to find new ways to present the school environment.

‘We had some art students from Plymouth College and they helped us redecorate the library space so we have created a Hogwarts area!

‘We had someone else create a historical timeline for us in the style of Horrible Histories which looks great and exactly like what you would find in the books. We also had a mural created, with all of our school’s values and ethos, in the style of the flying balloon house from the film Up. We also had a display manager from London come in to help us and created a moorland scene with Vixen Tor, local areas and animals. We have had lots of help from volunteers who painted walls for nothing and we have had the floors re-carpeted – it looks stunning now and is very current.

‘The kids love being in that space and they are a lot more focused and excited to learn. Lots of parents have also said they love it. Now the children have a tough decision between staying in the library to read a book and going outside to play!’


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