Pony sale helps save heritage

Wednesday 16th July 2008 10:00 pm

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A SELECTION of 30 Dartmoor heritage ponies will be available at the annual pony sale this Saturday. The sale of ponies, all approved by Dartmoor Pony Society judges, is taking place at Michelcombe Farm, Holne. Dru Butterfield, manager of charity DHPT (Dartmoor Heritage Pony Trust), said that last year's sale was a great success. Dru said: 'Pony breeders made better money than ever before, reflecting the difference made by breeding better quality stock and handling them to a good basic starting standard, and buyers went home with lovely, genuine, family ponies. And by buying a heritage pony, people are buying a piece of history.' Ponies will be on show from noon with the sale commencing at 2pm. Equine stalls, a barbecue, live music, mounted games display and positive horsemanship demonstrations will be running throughout the day to entertain all the family. Clare Stanton, volunteer, said: 'Without the support of organisations such as DPHT running events like this and providing pony keepers with support and advice they would be struggling even more to survive. 'The original Dartmoor pony, the foundation of all Dartmoors worldwide, is at risk. The public need to know this and to support such events — as well as potentially benefiting from buying quality, genuine, good value for money ponies.'

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