A POPULAR vllage play park which has recently been the subject of a major renovation by the community has been abused for the second time in three weeks.

Last weekend glass bottles were smashed and the debris left on Yelverton Play Park, just three weeks after a sign was toppled amid warnings that continued attacks could lead to its closure due to costs of mending damage.

The park is run by volunteers and in September was reopened with a new toddler’s area provided after an appeal to the community who helped pay towards the £70,000 costs. Funds were raised by Yelverton Community Projects (YCP — run by residents) to modernise and make more accessible an area which is in demand from as far as Plymouth and used by people from care homes.

Volunteer Graham Brown said: “Sadly only three weekends have passed since the last act of vandalism in the charity owned and run Yelverton Play Park.

“On Sunday night various bottles were smashed on the multi-use games area. This is an act of anti-social behaviour and the police have been notified.

“If anyone see teenagers in the park in the dark please consider raising your concerns via police online reporting. Or take a moment to sit, watch, listen and make note of who is there in the dark and of the cars used to arrive or depar. This will help us understand what’s going on in the dark. Please do not approach anyone [though] it’s just not worth it.”

The sign, which was broken, tells visitors the park is run by a charity and lets people know how to support its upkeep.