CALSTOCK Parish Council has announced it has extended its deadline date for feedback on its neighbourhood plan.

Due to a high level of interest, the council has decided to push back the closure of the survey and questionnaire — which was September 1 — to allow more people to take part and let others have their say.

The Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Plan provides local residents with the opportunity to have a say in the way certain challenges are tackled, including the affordability of housing, relatively low wages, loss of green-space to development pressures and access to modern services and facilities.

The council has re-opened the community questionnaire to make sure that people from all age groups and villages have been involved.

In particular, to gather more involvement from people between 16 and 44-years-old across the parish and from all age groups living in Chilsworthy and Harrowbarrow wards.

A spokesperson from Calstock Parish Council encourages all to take part: ‘Due to a high level of interest we are extending the deadline date for the Calstock Neighbourhood Plan.

‘We are extending it so more people can complete a questionnaire on housing need/preference and we are especially keen for people from our Harrowbarrow, Latchley and Chilsworthy wards to complete it and also those under 45.’

The spokesperosn added the neighbourhood plan needed to be drawn from the opinions of local people and must address future housing and potential business development. From those opinions, the council could create a plan for Calstock parish for the next 15 years — and to accomplish that, first the council needed to find out what people who lived in the parish thought

At the end of 2015 the council completed a detailed survey across the parish. However, Calstock parish has a widely dispersed population and the council is concerned that people from the 18 to 45 age group and from Chilsworthy and Harrowbarrow wards are underrepresented in the response.

So, to make sure that your voice is heard, visit or #CalstockNDP on Twitter and Facebook