NORTHLEW Primary School will have a happy Christmas after they received the wonderful gift of some brand new benches and planters from West Devon-based charity the Mary Budding Trust.

The trust offers support to children under the age of eleven with special needs across West Devon, and their schools and families.

Tony Wates from the Mary Budding Trust said: 'The trust has distributed £21,000 locally over the last three years and we have had much support from the local community.'

Mr Wates said the new bench offers a perfect area for peace and quiet.

'There is a particular child at Northlew who needed a safe, quiet environment outside, while her friends whizz around the playground.

We are delighted she has that now,' he said.

Mr Wates said he was also extremely grateful for money raised by the children from Northlew primary school, who collected £90 for the trust.

'They've been brilliant and we are very grateful,' he said.