THE PIG showing classes at Okehampton Show are set to be a showstopper as this year sees more entries than ever before.

Deborah Custance-Baker, who has been leading the pig section for ten years, is looking forward to this year’s show and the variety of entries. 

Deborah said: ‘We’ve got more pigs than we’ve ever had before. Some are very good standards too. We’ve got some hot competition this year.

‘Lots of pigs from the Great Yorkshire Show are coming down. We will see if some of the more local pigs who didn’t attend that show will take the top prize.’

Breeds expected at the show this year will include Berkshire, Saddleback, Large Black and more.  

Deborah explained that the show will  play host to a visit from a special guest.

Judge Steve Loveless will be coming from Dorset to judge the pig classes.

‘We’ve got the best judge in the country’, said Deborah.‘We’ve not had him as a judge before. He’s very excited about coming. He’s worked with pigs all of his life and owned pigs. He’s one of the largest breeders and traders in the country.’

Deborah, who keeps pigs herself will also be showing hers at the show. 

She said: ‘I’ve got Large Blacks. ‘I’ll be bringing mine down. I’ll oil them to make them gleam in the Okehampton sunshine.

‘The Okehampton Show is the highlight of the year for me and for a lot of people.’