VANDALS have struck at a memorial garden to a lost baby, setting fire to a bird table and leaving their litter behind, writes Kerenza Moore.

The Little Blossoms garden is situated in a quiet corner of the Millennium Field in Albaston. It was built in 2022 by Christie Ferrari and Ed Facey following the loss of their baby daughter Violet at birth.

The couple planned the garden to be a tranquil space for any parents or families who have lost children. With bright flowers and a sheltered spot to sit, it provides a place for reflection and remembrance – and a place where bereaved parents might feel that they’re not quite so alone.

When Christie arrived at the garden on Sunday (February 4) to do some tidying, she says she felt ‘sad and disgruntled’ to find bottles and cigarette ends that had been dumped.

“We were greeted by a whole case of empty cider bottles, dog ends and ash in the arbor, and the bird house had been burnt,” she said. “The garden has had a lot of time, effort and money put in to it to make it a safe space for bereaved families and it makes me really sad for the lack of respect it has received from a few individuals. If people could keep an eye out in the future if they are walking by and drop me a message if they see anything suspicious, it would be much appreciated.”

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