A CASH boost of £8,000 will help to provide a platform for performers in what is promised to be a big finale to Callington Festival Week activities.

Callington Town Forum was awarded the grant from the Big Lottery Fund in order to create a performance festival — one that will form part of the main town entertainments in the summer.

The Kelliwik Festival will showcase a variety of local talent over three days from singers and bands to drama groups and comedians.

Peter Sulston, vice chair of Callington Town Forum, said the grant money would be used to provide the infrastructure for the festival including a large marquee, a stage and equipment, toilet facilities and St John Ambulance services.

'It is a Callington festival for Callington people. The Kelliwik Festival will provide a platform for people to perform on and forms part of Callington Festival Week,' he said.

'The Big Lottery Fund recognised that its a community event and so awarded us the money.'

The Kelliwik Festival will take place on the recreation ground at Saltash Road, subject to council approval, on Friday, July 11 to Sunday, July 13.

With preparations for the festival now well underway, performers of all types are being sought to provide family entertainment over the weekend.

'We hope many local people will come forward and perform,' said Peter.

'If people want to come from further afield then we will try to fit them in.

'Music will play a large part in the festival but it is not exclusive.

'We have a dance group that has already shown an interest and people are welcome to come and read poetry or showcase their Taekwondo moves. We hope to have a very wide and varied programme for everyone to enjoy.'

A working party has been set up that will be in charge of putting together a programme for the festival.

Peter said that Steve Dawe, founder of Callington Gospel Choir has been the 'prime mover' in creating the Kelliwik Festival, along with other members of the forum.

He added: 'The festival will be free, although we will be taking donations throughout so that in the future we may be able to hold the festival again.

'We would have to review how well it goes this year, and see what the cost is, but if it goes well and people enjoy it, I can't see why we couldn't hold another one.'

The 'festival within a festival' was the initiative of the Callington Town Forum, which aims to enhance Callington to make it a better place to live and visit.

The forum has already introduced the Kelliwik Lecture, which takes place once a year and the successful Christmas Market in the town.We try to introduce initiatives to stimulate Callington and make it a place that people want to be,' said Peter.

Any individuals or groups interested in performing at the Kelliwik Festival, or anyone who could offer support or provide food outlets should call Maureen Wotton on 01579 362516 or email [email protected]">[email protected]