Made-Well CIC in Hatherleigh has recently installed an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) outside the cafe entrance on the left-hand side to save lives during cardiac emergencies.

The AED is registered on the national defibrillator network known as The Circuit and is directly linked to the South West Ambulance Service, ensuring its immediate availability during emergencies.

The decision to set up the AED was made feasible with the help of London Hearts, a charitable organisation committed to supporting communities by financing the supply of defibrillators throughout the UK. This makes a significant contribution to improving emergency response infrastructure.

The installation will also increase access to defibrillators and training on their usage for community members. AEDs, when used with CPR, can greatly improve survival rates for those experiencing cardiac arrest. 

However, increasing awareness about these tools' presence and proper utilisation within communities is crucial.