Royal Mail has warned villagers their mail is being eaten — by snails in the postbox.

The snails have been munching on the glue in the envelopes in Lewdown.

Officials have put a sign on the postbox saying the molluscs were being 'removed daily but they are very determined and return'.

A postie has put up a hand written note saying: ''Your mail is being eaten by snails. I advise you to post somewhere else.''

Royal Mail's message taped to the box reads: "Dear customer,

"We wanted to inform you that snails seem to enjoy making a home in this postbox and eating the glue that holds the envelope in shape."

Luckily for the snails, Royal Mail have said it is against their business policy to "exterminate them with pellets or by other means".

It continues to say: "Whilst you are very welcome to continue using this postbox, we wanted to mention that your letter may not arrive without some nibble marks around the edges."

According to one villager, who did not want to be named, the overhanging vegetation on the wall encouraged the snails to invade. 

The problem had persisted for at least a year and had not been discussed by the parish council, they said.

Residents can still post their mail at the village post office - which has not yet been visited by snails.

The village postie Rick even posted a handwritten note on the bottom of the postbox, advising his fellow villagers their 'mail is getting eaten by snails' and he advises them 'to go elsewhere'.