Ghost scene set in school

Wednesday 4th December 2013 12:00 am

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A FORMER Tavistock College principal has published a surreal thriller with one of the 'most chilling scenes' set inside his former school.

John Simes wrote a part of the book after a meeting at the college, shortly before he left.

'The Dream Factory — Ghosts' was launched on November 29.

John has written text- books before but this is his debut novel. It has been received with acclaim by a team of readers and editors.

The action takes place in the village of Ringmore – Dingwell in the book – and particularly the atmo-spheric Journey's End pub.

The story starts when 16-year-old Peter Young's life is transformed when his brilliant parents are abducted after stumbling upon a life-changing invention that a sinister agency, The Organization, is determined to steal.

Fleeing to 'The Dream Factory,' an old stone hut rebuilt by his father on the remote Eastcombe beach, Peter is joined by the mysterious Navinda, who is also a fugitive. Love unfolds amid a maelstrom of paranormal events, conspiracy, comic may-hem, and fear.

'There is a shot or two of Gothic horror. Readers may well want to leave the light on all night! But that sits alongside some comedy — I particularly enjoyed writing that,' said John. 

'This novel is different. It is not in the same territory as Philip Pullman or JK Rowling. It is about how each of us sees our world.

'It is for adults but is intended as a challenging read for young adults too. It is an entertaining read as cult fiction, but it has an important message.'

The book launch was on November 29 at The Journey's End, Ringmore.

'The Dream Factory — Ghosts' will be available worldwide in paperback from Amazon, on Kindle and Kobo.

The Amazon editor said: 'In my sixteen years of editing books, I rarely have come across a young-adult novel that is so beautifully and masterfully written. This book made me laugh out loud and also sent chills up my spine.

'Throughout the book your language is lovely and unique, and your characters are well drawn, highly original, and extremely likable.

'My sincere hope is that you find a very wide audience for this finely written novel.'


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