Hundreds of people from across Devon are set to march in Exeter this Saturday (January 20) calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing war in Gaza.

The ‘Devon 4 Palestine’ march, organised by Exeter Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), is attracting wide support from across the county.

The Exeter PSC said: “One hundred days into the war the attacks by the Israeli Army continue against Palestinians living in Gaza. Over 23,000 Palestinians have been killed, with thousands more bodies lying under the rubble. In December Exeter City Council overwhelmingly backed the call for a ceasefire.”

Exeter PSC organiser Lizi Allnatt said: “We have been overwhelmed with the support that the march is attracting. We have lots of support from across the city – from University students and trade unions, from doctors and nurses, as well as many individuals who have contacted us on social media to say that they are coming and bringing friends and family. We have church groups and parent groups travelling from Torquay and South Devon. The reason for this huge support is simple. People are horrified that our leaders rightly condemned hundreds of civilian casualties in Ukraine but seem to be content for there to be countless thousands of civilians killed in Gaza.”

The march will assemble from 12 noon in Belmont Park and will march through the city centre – along Sidwell Street and the High Street into Queen Street and ending up in Northernhay Gardens for a rally. At the end of the march there will be a rally with speakers. Children will also be flying kites in the park, in solidarity with children in Gaza.